“More than just about any other South African band of the moment, GWP sounds like a band headed for a stadium-sized future.”

Rolling Stone

“The frontman’s massive amount of energy got the crowd going and before long I was jumping up and down and happy again. Their performance sufficiently inspired me to purchase a copy of their CD at the door on the way out”

The Urbanist

“Take note of the Graeme Watkins Project (and others) and spread the word, because they are just waiting to cross over into the international scene.”


“[The album] is the perfect mix of rock, indie and electro and really is a step up for South African music”


“You’ll recognise the band’s passionate foot-stamping and wide eyes with their utter enthusiasm and pride in their music.”


“I love the high energy, anthemic style of the song – it is catchy and definitely a radio hit.”


“Although the song has the signature Graeme Watkins Project sound the band has explored with throughout their career, the song has more rock and pop elements blended into it which, in fact, makes the song incredibly unique. Vocally, Graeme delivers yet another stellar performance despite the fact that the vocals sound rather distorted. The lyrical content is some of the best we’ve seen from the band which also goes to show that they have really been working on their craft during their years of absence. The one thing that really makes the song stand out, however, is the epic guitar riff and it’s one I’m sure many will have stuck in their head.”


“Their tried-and-tested alt-pop stylings find itself tempered by dreamy indie-pop synths and pulsating percussive elements. Alternative rock elements creep into the mix as the song rises and falls in tune to a tremendous melody that seems to rival those found in modern British alternative rock bands like Twin Atlantic and Young Guns.”


“The song itself is quintessential GWP, upbeat with a memorable hook and displays a mature sense of songwriting,”


“And as in true Watkins style, the song is an energetic burst of edgy, catchy indie pop rock that will get your body moving.”